Albany approves wind farm expansion plan

Albany approves wind farm expansion plan

Mayor Kathy Sheehy said she’s happy about the approval of an expanded wind farm proposal by Albany Utilities and Power Corp., though she doesn’t necessar더킹카지노ily expect it to be implemented anytime soon.

Sheehy said the utility has already given the Albany Department of Environmental Protection 30 days to review the project, or it wou바카라ld be removed from the market.

“We’re not a consumer-focused utility,” Sheehy said Thursday, saying she plans to continue discussing the issue with city, state and federal officials at a community meeting on Saturday at City Hall in Downtown Albany. “We have our priorities and we have our priorities clearly set forth. But I’ve been telling you to stay focused and keep your focus on the work that needs to be done.”

Citywide, Albany plans to add about 11 MW to the state’s utility capacity. The project was initially slated to begin in 2014, but construction was halted in 2010 because of uncertainty about the state’s finances. Construction resumed earlier this month, adding an additional 600 MW to the grid.

While an approved wind project at the Port of Albany would not bring in any new electricity production, it would have a positive effect on economic development and the local economy, said Tim Leech, assistant director of the Albany Economic Development Corporation.

Leech said the county had initially approved the project but scrapped the idea following the state’s financial woes.

“We would like to have at least some kind of infrastructure that would help this city,” Leech said. “To be really good at what it does really depends on people who live here and people who come here.”

The utility proposed expanding power plants at the port’s terminal building, but it was halted by a state bill that required it to obtain a government-required license to do so.

In June, officials with the Port of Albany’s Power Development Division said that the project would not proceed and that it should be abandoned.

Officials at the port have said the decision to stop the project was not about cost.

The proposed expansion will be the largest to be built and financed in Al바카라bany by the port in nearly 40 years, said Chris Miller, the port’s deputy director of project management.

According to power department records, that would mean a 2.25 MW project capacity and additional job creation.

“It’s another economic-development boost,” Miller said of the plan. “It makes sense to keep that one in service when things go into recession.”

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