Bureaucrat admits to dishonest use of kelly letter, ‘worse than that used by the Tories’

Bureaucrat admits to dishonest use of kelly letter, ‘worse than that used by the Tories’

Former minister David Laws has told the court he knew his department’s documents were not confidential and was “quite surprised” at how they were misused.

The minister was cleared of perjury at yesterday’s Old Bailey hearing after admitting he intended to mislead the public by using the kelly letter on his ministerial files.

Asked whether he knew the government’s policy before 2007, he replied: “That’s the last thing I would have thought was to have used a kelly letter.

“You do understand세부 카지노 호텔 that this is a Government policy to keep records of documents. That’s been a policy ever since I served as a minister.

“To m썬 시티 카지노e, it’s quite a big shock when you look at what documents that were on your desk as a minister, that you were trying to deceive the public and people that are supposed to know what’s going on by deliberately and dishonestly concealing what the information is that is on your files.”

Labour’s Dominic Grieve, who was called by Mr Laws to the witness stand, said: “This is the first time that there has been a criminal charge brought against a minister on a serious breach of the public’s confidence in the government.”

Mr Laws, the former head of civil aviation, said he took “further precautions” as he looked after documents for Mr Cameron but did not put them on a secure computer.

He claimed he did not know where the file contained internal papers relating to the decision not to buy F-35 jets and that he never wrote to Mr C인터넷 바카라 사이트ameron telling him to purchase the aircraft.

In a separate interview with the Sunday Telegraph, Mr Laws said he would have been concerned by the use of kelly letters had he known the documents were in error.

He said: “I was not aware of the situation. The papers were never to be used in a confidential form. I said this to the ministers, my department, but I did not tell them. That was done before the document was taken, but I never used it. It was a mistake made under my nose.

“All I really know is it is completely a lie that I am saying the government is in the tank for the F-35. It is a ridiculous allegation, it was a lie which went round the world, and now the government is in the midst of this sort of investigation which may never be concluded. And I hope I am not wrong about the extent of th

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