On the works
We are scaling and have something building to be better at what we can do.


25 Years
One of the birthday logo proposals I designed for DAE Advertising’s 25th year.
25 Years












Freelance & Awards
Happy to see that the 3AF Creative Campaign of the Year 2016, Silver award, went to the “Member Stories That Inspire” campaign for AARP. Congratulations to DAE and AARP! I am thrilled to be a part of this project.














Asian American Advertising
It had been really interesting working with an advertising agency that reaches out to the Asian American market and fascinating to read about statistics. The Asian American population (AOIC) is 18.2 million in 2012 and expected to reach 20.9 million in 2017. Asian Americans hail from dozens of countries, speak a variety of languages and encompass a range of socio-economic characteristics. Asian Americans who originate from China, India, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea and Japan comprise 86% of the total segment population. Chinese represent the largest group at 22%, followed by Asian Indians at 19% and Filipinos at 18%.*

Collectively, Asian American buying power has risen 523% since 1990 to $718.4 billion in 2012. If Asian Americans were a country, they would represent the 18th largest economy in the world, providing a tremendous domestic growth opportunity. Buying power in this demographic is expected to top $1 trillion by 2017.*

On a personal note, who knew that my diverse cultural life experiences growing up, having to assimilate to different cultures (Filipino, Chinese, Australian, American), making friends with a variety of Asian cultures^, doing homestays, interest in people and their culture can be an insight that I can use professionally or for good – understanding the meaning, the emotions, the values and the culture. At the same time, applying that in a western society! So, awesome really!

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” – Steve Jobs

*Nielsen Report / dae advertising san francisco / ^Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Burma, etc.


Online Campaigns
Designing a number of ads for a start-up that will be distributed in different channels i.e. facebook ads, microsite, email, twitter, facebook post, mobile, etc.


Shifting from paper registration to online & mobile
Our client is having their 10th year of organizing an annual event for physicians and medical practitioners. In the past, they’ve processed all their registration by phone and paper. It’s been fun working on creating an online and mobile-friendly event registration for them. Considering who the users are, what would be helpful for the client, and creating something that would be visually aligned to the development of the event organizers identity. It’s almost done and we are excited to show it to our beloved client and how this would help in streamlining the registration process = productivity!


Oakland Makers
bylee design’s eco-friendly books are currently in a multi-disciplinary exhibit at Omi Gallery of Impact Hub Oakland from June 2, 2014 til August. Together with “Oakland Makers” Joshua Jakusd, Emily Winston, Jennifer Ivanovich, Hiroko Kurihara, Aiko Kobayashi Gray, Jeff Goodwin, Andrew Werby, Vanessa March and Rael San Fratello.

Order Made in Oakland Sketchbooks Online


BizWorld Logo
Involved in the creative direction of color order, incorporating and choosing the font type for the tagline and .org extension with the logo. Results: Proposal was approved in the first round and implemented immediately into their corporate communications. Created all logo color and format variations.


Missio Dei Oakland Identity
Missio Dei Oakland has a heart in reaching the youth in East Oakland. They started late last year meeting and connecting with kids on the streets, at the restaurants and on campus. They now organize fun activities for the youth, a loving place for them to hang-out, as well as, 1-1 mentorship. I had a chance to visit one of the groups and can truly see the impact that Missio Dei Oakland is doing with the youth.

I am currently helping re-brand MDO to cater to its growth and its future. Below was the initial ID proposal when it was in the first stage (surveying and gathering).


Other Projects
Passion Project No. 1 – Mission. to utilize design to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

TakingItManAnime LiveTheDreamCloudMan BeYourselfMananime



























Passion Project No. 2 – People, Sharing Economy, Life.

I love welcoming people, seeing the amazing talent and uniqueness of each person. I do this through AirBnb. People inspire me.

If in case, you don’t have an Airbnb profile yet and are curious to check it out. Please let me know. I can give you a referral link and you’ll get $$ credit on your account. One of my friends has signed up as a host and is doing so well! I am open for consultation if this is of interest. You can book me for an intro & analysis, guest ready tips session, or on how to be a Superhost if that’s what you want.

Slides to Digital
I had my 2″ x 4″ slides converted to digital. It was so nice to see archived hand drawn school work on screen. It brought back memories of many a sleepless night working on projects.

One of which is the black inked Carol’s Cookies logo circa 1992. My first identity and advertising campaign project. Cookies then were known for being a sugary snack. I differentiated the company as conscientious and healthy. A company that makes cookies fresh and only uses natural and organic ingredients. Today, Carol’s Cookies continues with the same heart and relevantly trendy!

Trivia: Can you imagine redrawing the Carol’s Cookies logo “by hand” in all of the collateral and in different sizes? Would I do it over again?

bdlogocarol copy












Carol’s Cookies 20 years later.