ID: LED Lighting Co.


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ARL International is dedicated to supplying quality, good value LED energy lighting; effectively reducing environmental pollution and carbon footprint to schools and offices in Australia.

+     Modernizing the ARLTY label, making it relevant and adaptable.
+     Great synergy with project manager, web developer, photographer and printer while collaborating remotely.
+     Designed their logo id including all business, marketing, social media, print and packaging materials.
+     Design thinking applied to all visual communications.


+     ARL International confidently presented to government agencies with quality and informative materials.
+     Target market responded positively to the product. It communicated professionalism and reliability.
+     The identity development led to more orders and raised revenue.

+     Redesign of ARLTY logo. Design direction and produced all start-up marketing materials i.e. sales sheets, fliers, contracts, presentation folder labels, website slideshow images, and photo editing.